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I guess you could say I've been running... from myself... for more than a quarter of a century.

I played the uke, guitar, piano, and violin as a young girl. I also danced from ages 4-12.

My early childhood was filled with all things music.


Then I became very ill into my 'tween years... and had to slowly put down the instruments... and I chose for my voice to finally go 'dark’ at age 18. 


Only to come back deeper... stronger... I describe myself as a non-classical Contralto.


It's all because of God's unrelenting pursuit in the pew for over a decade in my 30's, saying, "open your mouth and I will take care of the rest."  I have learned that He bestows unexpected gifts... when I am doing what He wants. The music is now back on, and I am making up for lost time.


I invite you to join  me on my journey... I am on an open road... it's been quite a ride already... I'm buckled in with the right people... and dropping it into DRIVE! 


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